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authorpic_sepiaDr. Timothy E. Heron has been an educator his entire forty-three-year professional career. He is Professor Emeritus of Special Education at The Ohio State University. Also, he is a retired flight instructor and stage check pilot at OSU’s Flight Education Department and an active instrument instructor with Capital City Aviation in Columbus, Ohio.

Tim is a certificated commercial pilot–airplane single engine land, along with being a certified flight instructor–airplane single engine, and instrument airplane. He holds ground instructor and advanced ground instructor certificates as well.

In 2009, Tim received the National Association of Flight Instructor’s (NAFI) designation as a master certified flight instructor, and the FAA’s designation as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor.

Tim has been flying since 1970. He became a CFI in 2001 and a CFII in 2002, and has logged 2,850 total hours of flight time, as well as 1,175 hours of dual instruction. He has been co-owner of a Cessna 182 for more than twenty-four years.

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