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Friday Focus on IFR

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3 July 2015 1235 Z

iPads and Panel-mounted GPS systems.

Today’s message relates to an insidious trap that can befall IFR pilots who believe (mistakenly) that they are proficient with their iPads and/or panel-mounted navigation systems (e.g., Garmin 430/530, G1000, etc.), but in reality have “forgotten” key procedures or button sequences.

“If . . . you fly with an iPad in your general aviation airplane,
you must be able to quickly and efficiently navigate through the various pages to access needed information. If you cannot navigate through the innumerable icons, menus, or symbols rapidly while on the ground, you most assuredly will not be able to do so while flying in the clouds. Collins, the noted aviator, author, and editor, reminds us: “If you can’t navigate in the navigator,
you can’t navigate with the navigator.””

Source: Instrument Flying:10 Indispensable Principles to Know and Remembe(p. 112). www.doubleillc.com





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