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Friday Focus on IFR

19 June 2105

Participate in ride-alongs.

“In a well-structured ride-along, you will occupy the backseat while the instrument pilot and instructor fly up front. Unlike the passive role you may have played during bygone adolescent driver education days, your role in a ride-along should be active. That is, during each respective phase of the flight, you should actively and independently copy the same clearances that the pilot receives, and then vicariously conduct the phases of flight (e.g., subvocalizing replies to air traffic controllers, reviewing your cruise checklist, completing your pre-landing checklist, etc.).

During the postflight discussion between the instructor and the pilot, you can also compare your vicarious actions with what the pilot did or did not do. You can learn a lot from their feedback and exchanges.”

Source: Instrument Flying:10 Indispensable Principles to Know and Remembe(p. 99). www.doubleillc.com




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