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Friday Focus on IFR

30 March 2015 1422 Z

(Special Edition)

In observance of Good Friday, my normal Friday Focus on IFR is being published today.

Friday Focus on IFR
(Special Edition)

(In observance of Good Friday, my usual Friday Focus installment is being published today.)

The first pix shows a recent GPS approach into KMFD (Mansfield, OH), Runway 23, starting at CUDIR. ATC cleared us direct to this fix. The second shows the cloud deck. Having an instrument ticket, helps pilots descend through an overcast or broken layer, and increases the utility of the airplane. If you are a private pilot, consider upgrading your skills to the instrument level. If you are an instrument pilot, take advantage of the coming warmer weather to dust off winter rust.

MFD approach





mfd cloud deck
















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